Galíndez is Present at 2024 Health Industry Summit Galíndez LLC made a strong presence at the annual Health Industry Summit hosted by Industrials of Puerto Rico. Held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, this event provided an invaluable EXPLORE The Galíndez Team Excels at the 2024 Tax Bowl Galíndez was thrilled to participate in the second edition of the Tax Bowl hosted by the Puerto Rico Society of Certified Public Accountants (CCPAPR). The event brought together 11 teams EXPLORE Why Qualification and Experience Matter in Consulting for Healthcare Organizations In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, consulting has become a vital component for organizations striving to navigate complex financial challenges and regulatory landscapes. When it comes to choosing a consulting EXPLORE Galíndez LLC's Insights on Puerto Rico's Hospital Industry Galíndez, LLC recently hosted an insightful press conference to unveil its latest research study conducted in collaboration with Estudios Técnicos, Inc (ETI). Partner and healthcare expert Julio Galíndez worked with EXPLORE Galíndez Insights: Essential Tax Updates for the Busy Season Our tax department recently immersed in a full-day seminar at the Hyatt Place Hotel in San Juan, delving into crucial updates on various tax forms. The event featured three key EXPLORE Galíndez Insights: Kicking Off Our 2024 In-House Seminars Galíndez LLC kicked off the 2024 seminar series with its first in-house seminar at Chavales Restaurant Banquet Hall. Led by Partner Kenneth Rivera, CPA, Esq., Senior Tax Manager Yelitza Net EXPLORE A New Era Unfolds: Galíndez LLC Announces Strategic Leadership Appointments Galíndez LLC proudly announces significant leadership changes, effective January 1st, 2024. Rafael "Rafi" Nieves, CPA, assumes the role of Managing Partner, marking a pivotal moment in the firm's journey. Galíndez EXPLORE Joyful Celebrations at Galindez LLC's Festive Holiday Bash Amidst the lush green hills of Naranjito, Galindez LLC recently hosted its annual holiday celebration at Asador San Miguel, a venue nestled in nature's embrace. The festivities were nothing short EXPLORE Galindez LLC's Festive Office Celebrations Keep Us United At Galindez LLC, the holiday season is more than just a time of celebration; it's a celebration of our vibrant team culture and shared camaraderie. Our office was buzzing with EXPLORE Galíndez LLC at the 2023 PRASFAA Convention: Strengthening Educational Security The recently concluded 2023 PRASFAA Convention was a great success. It included a platform to fortify educational security and uphold the foundations of our future. Galíndez LLC, invited by our EXPLORE Nurturing Team Well-being Through Our Galíndez Health Fair At Galindez LLC, we recognize that our most valuable asset is our dedicated team. Their well-being and health are paramount to our success, so we recently hosted a week-long health EXPLORE Our Own Iris Otero is Recognized for Her Outstanding Achievement in Local Accounting At Galíndez LLC, we are proud that the honor of being recognized as CPA of the year by the Puerto Rico Society of Certified Public Accountants (CCPA) falls to our EXPLORE Galindez LLC Shoots for Success: Our First-Ever Basketball Team Takes the Court! Galíndez LLC proudly announces the debut of our very own basketball team. Joining a distinctive league of CPA firms, we've stepped onto the court to channel our athletic prowess and EXPLORE Fostering Collaboration: Galindez LLC's Journey with the WINGS Team At Galindez LLC, we understand that a productive and enjoyable work environment is the cornerstone of success. This belief has driven us to create the WINGS team, an engagement initiative EXPLORE Nurturing Sporting Excellence: Galindez LLC Welcomes Olympic Hopeful Oscar Birriel On July 20th, Galindez LLC had the immense pleasure of receiving the young and talented Olympic hopeful Oscar Birriel at our firm headquarters in San Juan. As part of our EXPLORE

Comprehensive planning and consulting for a changing world.

Galíndez LLC is one of the most prolific and diverse accounting consulting firms in Puerto Rico. Our high-profile Certified Public Accountant conglomerate has made a name for itself locally through its elevated caliber of work, excellence in service, rigorous ethical standards, and profound thought leadership. For the past decade, our multidisciplinary firm has enjoyed a great reputation for providing expert insight on a wide variety of business consulting engagements.


We are proud to have served hundreds of public, private and nonprofit organizations through expert advisory, and to assist our clients in the pursuit of their vision, no matter how ambitious it may be. Our work is constantly strengthened by our values of excellence, accountability and above all, trust.

Local business savvy. Worldwide reach.

Galíndez LLC is part of Nexia International, the ninth largest global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, serving as their exclusive partner in Puerto Rico.



Galíndez LLC brings world-class resources and exceptional service to each and every one of our clients. Our dedicated team and deep expertise are evident in every aspect of our consulting engagements. Our wide array of services caters to the needs of a myriad of clients across a variety of industries, with specialized, fully customizable solutions to meet their unique problems.

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Tax (PR / US)

Regulations, compliance, deadlines, and more. Trust our team of expert to provide the most accurate and feasible tax strategy recommendation for your business, with the support of several reputable professional associations and with unmatched industry experience.

Audit and Accounting

Our clear picture of your financial situation that goes well beyond the numbers, offering a critical analysis of your operations and providing added value, aside from simply expressing an opinion on your statements. Our sound recommendations will help further your vision and grow.

Healthcare Consulting

Our specialized Healthcare Consulting team is devoted to providing a wide range of resources and a collaborative approach, on a mission to help healthcare organizations achieve their optimal clinical and financial performance. Our professionals create value for our clients through customized solutions and insightful consulting that ultimately help propel the patient experience.

Attestation Services

Our services cover many needs for attestation that are outside the financial statement audit requirements, responding to business needs based on independent assurance, deep reliability, the validity of information, and above all, trust. Our team of experts is ready to help.

Management Consulting

We have the experience to assess and structure complex consulting engagements, both for project-specific tasks and as long-term consultants. Our excellent communication and deep expertise allow us to work with our clients across many industries, even on a daily basis.

Specialized Training

We provide special education engagements throughout the year for a variety of audiences, from undergrad students to newcomers in the CPA arena, to seasoned veterans fulfilling continuing education requirements. We have now expanded our offering to virtual seminars by Galíndez Informs.

Internal Audit, Banking and SOX

Our Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services are designed to help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit functions. Our team works with organizations to optimize their enterprise risk management programs, internal controls, review third-party relationships, and comply with regulations and governance, and sustainability initiatives.

IT Consulting

Our team can help navigate the otherwise overwhelming world of information technology to maximize your operations. Trust the expertise and deep industry leadership of our firm to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that goes in line with your business objectives.

Specialized Training

We provide special education engagements throughout the year for a variety of audiences, from undergrad students to newcomers in the CPA arena, to seasoned veterans fulfilling continuing education requirements. We have now expanded our offering to virtual seminars by FPVG Pulse.

Globally Connected

Galíndez LLC is a proud member of Nexia International, a highly active network that drives quality and facilitates collaboration to enable its member firms to provide effective local and global solutions. Nexia member firms are focused on delivering partner-led service to clients which ensures continuity, expertise and a deep understanding of the client’s business.

Building Business Resilience

In a world of constant and fast changes, Galíndez LLC is setting the bar high in helping businesses and industry partners build and participate in more resilient business models. While some businesses are getting wiped out, our clients thrive and evolve, through detailed and strategic plans of action that create sustainable impact.


Regarded as the foremost leader in Healthcare consulting, our team of experts provides unparalleled consulting services to healthcare organizations with a variety of needs, and serve as their advocates when engaging state and federal agencies. Through our insightful guidance, hospitals and other providers are able to give patients the best experience, while optimizing their operations.

Unmatched service

For Galíndez LLC, there is no limit to the size, scope, and vision of our partnering clients. We have worked with a myriad of organizations, consistently devoting tireless energy and meticulous attention in order to provide the rigorous client service standard that sets our firm apart.
Every member of our team shares a deep sense of accountability and commitment to our clients, taking individual responsibility, and investing deeply in their short and long-term goals.

Our client base is comprised of an impressive array of organizations across many industries, and of all shapes and sizes. Still, we serve each client with the same great enthusiasm and commitment, ensuring top-notch service and long-term satisfaction. Our specialized firm provides in-depth consulting in the areas of accounting and assurance, tax compliance and planning, management, and technology to a variety of high-profile clients throughout Puerto Rico and beyond.


We are proud to have served hundreds of public, private and nonprofit organizations through expert advisory, and to assist our clients in the pursuit of their vision, no matter how ambitious it may be. As we continue to support these partners and further their business strategies – from audits and assurance to taxes and consulting – we strengthen our values of excellence, accountability and above all, trust.


exemplary partners leading the firm


YRS of combined experience among our partners


Dedicated professionals


CPAs in our staff


Specialized Industries

Our firm has worked with partners across many industries and of all shapes and sizes. From small private companies to government agencies, to massive healthcare and consumer companies, to nonprofit and everything in between. See our list of industry specialties to learn more.

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Meet our firm’s leadership and the amazing talents that make our firm one of the most prominent accounting and consulting firms in Puerto Rico. Our highly qualified partners holds over a century of combined professional experience, which firmly supports our proven record of success.

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Looking to further your career at a place of excellent reputation and with an amazing culture? Join our team of top-notch professionals in the field of accounting, audit, tax, management consulting and more, and learn how our multidisciplinary approach makes us such a strong industry leader.

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