Management Consulting

Insight that propels your business.

Our team of experts can provide direct assistance for a variety of project management engagements, working closely with your internal audit departments (or serving as the department itself). We have the experience to assess and structure incipient internal audit departments, and we have served a myriad of companies, both for project-specific tasks and as long-term consultants. Our excellent communication and deep expertise allow us to work with our clients on a daily basis, across multiple industries.

Litigation Support

Galíndez LLC has a team of talented professionals that includes attorneys and specialists to provide comprehensive litigation support. Our experienced investigators can collect, analyze and present any form of evidence as experts to deliver case-changing acumen in litigation, arbitration, or disputes. Our experts efficiently cut through the information clutter to provide meaningful insights supporting every stage of litigation, from initial investigation and intelligence gathering, data and device collection and witness interviews, to forensic analysis, expert witness review, and testimony and post-litigation actions. Our experience results in efficient, impactful insights. 

Business Valuation

Galíndez LLC’s deep expertise in financial modeling and forecasting gives you the assurance that the information underlying our business valuation estimates is as accurate and reliable as possible. Moreover, our experience in business valuation gives you comfort that appropriate methods are used to reach accurate and reliable estimates of the market value of your business. Our business valuation estimates represent what business owners could reasonably expect the market prices of their businesses to be in a transaction.

Feasibility and Profitability Analysis

In addition to the market, location and competition analysis, it is necessary to evaluate the project from an economic standpoint. Depending on the depth of the analysis, or the scope of consultancy for a project, our team will check the general hotel or resort plan concept that had been developed previously, or the detailed concept developed during the project process as part of an economic forecast calculation.


If it’s becoming painfully obvious bankruptcy has become more challenging, complex and expensive to manage, and it’s draining your time and resources, let Galíndez LLC take over. We are fully equipped to offer the additional manpower, technological support, and legal guidance you need to successfully navigate dangerous territory — and subsequently improve loan performance.

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