Client Experience


Our client base is comprised of an impressive array of organizations across many industries, and of all shapes and sizes. Still, we serve each client with the same great enthusiasm and commitment, ensuring top-notch service and long-term satisfaction.


Our specialized firm provides in-depth consulting in the areas of accounting and assurance, tax compliance and planning, management, and technology to a variety of high-profile clients throughout Puerto Rico and beyond.

We are shape-shifters.

We are proud to have served hundreds of public, private and nonprofit organizations through expert advisory, and to assist our clients in the pursuit of their vision, no matter how ambitious it may be. As we continue to support these partners and further their business strategies – from audits and assurance to taxes and consulting – we strengthen our values of excellence, accountability and above all, trust.


Our success as a local firm stems from our vast professional development and rich background gained at international firms. Our staff’s acumen enhances the firm’s work through more educated perspectives, and ensures the highest quality of service for our clients, at a more competitive rate than those of global firms.


Through our work as auditors, we believe we can play a hands-on role in helping our clients fulfill their objectives and work toward sustainability. Our approach is focused on creating a client service relationship based on trust, where we can effectively leverage our audit insight to formulate sensible recommendations that enrich your unique objectives. Solid plans, like the client service relationship described above, must be backed by equally good qualifications and our team is equipped with an outstanding skill set to meet any client need.

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Specialized Industries

Our firm has worked with partners across many industries and of all shapes and sizes. From small private companies to government agencies, to massive healthcare and consumer companies, to nonprofit and everything in between. See our list of industry specialties to learn more.

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Comprehensive Services

From specialized tax consulting to in-depth audit reports, hands-on management consulting, even specialized insight on healthcare, banking and IT. Our team of experts can deliver an impressive array of services thanks to their informed perspective, constant growth and deep commitment to our clients.

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Learn About Our Firm

Read about our firm’s history, qualifications, and powerful international network, and see why we have become one of the fastest-growing accounting, audit, tax and consulting firms in Puerto Rico. With over a decade of service, our team of experts caters to a wide array of industries while building client trust.

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