FPVG Pulse Presentation: HFMA Academy

FPV & Galindez continued commitment to education is brought to the fore with it’s 2020 Healthcare Industry Outlook presentation. Presented in association with the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) Academy, this in-depth exposition of information includes leading-edge research that can provide comprehensive data to further the abilities of current and future healthcare executives, accounting professionals, and many others.

Some of the features of this presentation include a brief narrative of the Puerto Rico Hospital Market, unique characteristics that impact the local hospital market, and two reports that compile five years of financial data such as utilization and cost data for Hospitals in Puerto Rico.

As one of the most innovative and distinctive accounting firms in Puerto Rico, FPV & Galindez is delighted with being part of programs such as these to further instruct the next generation of professionals and thus provide the standard for the type of service, leadership, and ethical criteria that are valued customers can trust.



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