FPVG Pulse Presentation: Management Reports and Financial Statements Analysis

Spearheading the educational needs in Puerto Rico, FPV & Galindez has prepared the following presentation Management Reports and Financial Statements Analysis as part of its contribution to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) Academy through the University of Puerto Rico and its School of Public Health.

This presentation covers topics related to auditing a healthcare entity’s financial statements, understanding the financial and management reports, and comprehending the variety of ratio analysis that can be reviewed. The data includes examples and easy to follow charts and reports.

These resources are vital in providing any up and coming healthcare professionals the preparation they need to handle their future responsibilities with confidence. FPV & Galindez appreciates the need to assure that the community is cared for in a variety of ways, from our services in the accounting field as well as our dedication to the increase of valuable training for society.



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