Galindez Collaborates with Estudios Técnicos, Inc. to Develop the Hospital Profiler

The Galíndez LLC team is proud to join our friends and colleagues at Estudios Técnicos, Inc. (ETI) for the recent launch of the ETI Hospital Profiler, an innovative metrics and analytical tool with a standardized reporting system specifically designed for the healthcare industry. As a leading healthcare consulting firm in Puerto Rico, our team is proud to be a part of the development process for the innovative tool, which enables healthcare organizations to make better, data-driven operating decisions. Graham Castillo, ETI President and Chief Operating Officer, introduced the new service at the Puerto Rico Hospital Association’s Annual Convention. As a key collaborator, Julio Galíndez, Managing Partner at Galíndez, LLC, was proud to be a part of the presentation “How do Puerto Rico Hospitals Compare with US Hospitals During These Tough Times” at the event alongside the ETI team. 

“The ETI Hospital Profiler is a groundbreaking tool that allows the visualization of specific measures and data points for the 42 General Short-Term Acute hospitals in Puerto Rico. The analytical tool provides information on a range of subjects including demographic and health infrastructure in a hospital’s market area, financial information, and operational efficiency for the market area and by hospital. The service allows a hospital to compare its performance to that of its industry peers, as well as examine key indicators for its primary market area,” said Castillo. The novel engine computes the market area for each facility using geofenced data. “There is no need to request or manage client’s visitor data which is a time consuming and costly process,” Castillo added. “This is a sophisticated tool that automates data collection, computation of performance metrics and evaluation. The platform substantially reduces the cost of information gathering and analysis and supports the analytical services we provide to our clients. Clients can review their position relative to their peers in terms of market volume and capture, visit trends, population characteristics, competition, financial performance, efficiency ratios, profit per patient and per day, and much more,” said Roberto López, Director of the Data Analytics Division at ETI. The main sources that feed the Hospital Profiler are CMS Cost Reports, the U.S Census, and geofenced data from mobile devices, López explained. 

The Hospital Profiler is a collaborative effort between ETI, the leading planning, research, market strategy, social analysis, and economic advisory consulting firm in Puerto Rico, and Galíndez LLC, one of the most prolific and diverse accounting and consulting firms in the healthcare field in Puerto Rico that assessed the utility of the platform for the industry. With more than 35 years of operation on the island, ETI has skillfully applied advanced technology, and its multidisciplinary approach to develop other useful industry indexes, including the Puerto Rico Economic Indicators Visualizer, which features the data most relevant for each sector of the island’s economy; the Puerto Rico Banking Stability Index, and the Financial Stability Index for the Credit Union Industry in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Julio Galíndez, Managing Partner at Galíndez, LLC, contributed decades of experience working with the healthcare industry to help define and implement the parameters used to design the research engine. “With this innovative tool, we will be able to assist our hospital clients in evaluating their operations, their finances and the use of patient services. In its entire history, it is the first time that the hospital sector in Puerto Rico has an analysis tool like this. The advantage is that now, with the ETI Hospital Profiler, healthcare organizations are provided with an alternative for the analysis of reliable information, which is reported to the federal government, and which will support the decisions that hospital management makes regarding its operations,” added Galíndez.



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