Galíndez LLC Insights: Educating Our Clients in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare system in Puerto Rico has been enduring challenges for some time, including funding issues, hospital financial dilemmas, and an increasing shortage of trained healthcare workers. The correct information can counterattack what can be seen as a bleak business outlook. Galíndez LLC Partner and Healthcare Consulting Expert Julio Galíndez recently presented the information necessary to navigate the hurdles and succeed in healthcare to their esteemed client, Abbott. 

Joined by Partner Leví D. Villegas, they explained in detail the most recent evaluation of the Puerto Rico Healthcare Market Outlook for 2024. Their presentation included a funding, demographics, and clinical model, a list of essential factors to consider as we explore the future of the market, including new developments in medical technology and drug therapy, lack of physicians in several specialties, including surgery and pediatrics, and the country’s economic standing to name a few. 

The Galíndez team duo also spoke at length about the Insurance Companies Market in Puerto Rico and the large percentage of the population currently enrolled in the limited amounts of options for these services. To round out the presentation, they got down to numbers and looked at the future in financial figures. All of this data is available to continue to guide our valued clients in this ever-changing environment and help them make their business successful by intelligently tackling any possible hurdles. Our Galíndez LLC team is deeply committed to providing the most #trustworthy services, and we will continue to support our local businesses who are making it work with our assistance. 

Galíndez stands at the forefront of healthcare consulting in Puerto Rico, providing innovative solutions and expertise to enhance the healthcare landscape. Our pioneering approach and commitment to excellence have established them as leaders in driving positive transformations within the healthcare industry. See more insights in our PRESENTATIONS section.



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