Galíndez LLC joins El Nuevo Día’s Inaugural “Meeting Point” Forum

Galíndez LLC joins El Nuevo Día’s Inaugural “Meeting Point” Forum

Galíndez LLC continues to pioneer the needs of our island’s healthcare systems with its latest contributions to El Nuevo Día’s first “Punto de Encuentro” (Meeting Point) series. Our partner, Julio Galíndez, a recognized expert in the field, joined a panel of professionals to devise practical solutions to the sector’s financial crisis and the deterioration of patient services. 

The ‘Punto de Encuentro’ initiative was conceived out of the pressing need for a platform where strategic ideas and practical proposals can be shared. It aims to impact the issues affecting the people of Puerto Rico and provide solutions that can drive progress despite the challenges. 

The first forum, titled ‘Meeting Point: The Future of Puerto Rico’s Hospitals’, was hosted at the TV-1 Studio at the Ferré Rangel School of Communications of the University of the Sagrado Corazon. In addition to Galíndez, the panel included Hospital La Concepción’s medical director, Yussel García, Triple-S, Inc.’s principal medical officer and cardiologist, Dr. José Novoa Loyola, Sistema de Salud Menonita’s executive director Ricardo Hernández Rivera, and V2A Consulting’s director Graciela Salcedo, all of whom bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. 

Five key takeaways from the discussion emerged. Among them was the need to create independent entities. Galíndez emphasized that, unlike other sectors, healthcare providers do not establish the prices for their services; instead, these are determined by a third party, particularly concerning health plans. Consequently, he advocated for establishing an independent entity to oversee provider payments. “If there’s one thing we need to address, it’s establishing how hospitals are compensated,” Galíndez emphasized.

Although there has been a constant concern about the future of healthcare for our community, these discussions prove that there are strong reasons to have a positive outlook as we move forward. Implementing these strategies for our healthcare clients is paramount to the Galíndez LLC team as we navigate them toward successful results. 

We are determined to continuously provide these and all our clientele with the highest quality, trustworthy services. This assurance guarantees that they will reach their company goals and benefit our community.