Innovation Expo Addresses Critical Island Issues

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce held its “Innovation Expo,” which addressed the issue of Puerto Rican migration to the United States while presenting options for local business leaders and specialists to deal with its impact. Over two days, attendees engaged in forums, luncheons, and conferences led by prominent local and visiting speakers covering topics vital to business success and Puerto Rico’s future.

Galíndez LLC’s Tax Partner, Kenneth Rivera, a well-known expert in his field, led a panel discussion on the Reaction to the Economic Development Challenges resulting from the diaspora. Accompanied by key players in the island’s financial industry, the panel shed light on the hurdles businesses have faced due to the ongoing exodus of local talent and professionals. They also presented viable options for the future based on their extensive experience and knowledge. 

The conference presented studies that examined perspectives from the diaspora and Puerto Ricans who have returned in the last five years. It also explored the export opportunities crucial for international business growth. Attendees learned strategies to expand their global reach and increase business opportunities.

Despite the critical issues being addressed throughout the conference, the event served as an excellent platform for extensive learning opportunities and connections with local, foreign, and government entrepreneurs. Attendees participated as exhibitors, presented their products or services, and engaged in working groups to generate innovative ideas and forge strategic alliances for the island’s economic growth.

The expo also covered essential topics such as Innovation and Technology, Cybersecurity, Primary Candidate Proposals, and more. True to its name, innovation was present throughout the event, marking a much-needed open conversation about the island’s most pressing issues. Galíndez LLC prioritizes using its wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial landscape to benefit its clients and the communities our clients serve. Providing them with the highest quality consultation allows businesses and the people they impact to thrive. Learn more about our business consultation here