Sales Tax Reduction for Restaurants and Prepared Foods

On August 2, 2019, the Puerto Rico Treasury Department (“PRTD”) issued Administrative Determination Number 19-03 (“AD 19-03”) providing guidelines and requirements to reduce the sales and use tax (SUT) from an 11.5% to 7% for restaurants and the sale of prepared foods, carbonated beverages, pastries, and candy.



To qualify for the reduced SUT, the restaurant will need to abide by the following:

Merchant Registry Certificate – the merchant should have in place a valid Merchant Certificate including any of the following NAICS:

72231 – Food Service Contractors
72232 – Caterers
72233 – Mobile Food Services
72241 – Drinking Places
72251 – Restaurants and Other Eating Places

Filings – Merchant must have complied with the filing of all the SUT returns and applicable declarations.

No Debts – Merchant should not have any outstanding debt with the PRTD unless it is under a payment plan.

Fiscal Terminal – Merchant must comply with the requirement of installing and maintaining a Fiscal Terminal in each point of sale regardless of their annual sales volume.  Merchants that do not have a fiscal terminal should contact any of the processors certified by PRTD (refer to the AD 19-03 for the list of processors).



On September 23, 2019, merchants that comply with all the requirements established by the PRTD should automatically gain access to a Reduced Rate Certificate (“The Certification”) for each commercial location through their SURI account. The Certification will authorize the merchant to charge a reduced SUT of 7% beginning on October 1, 2019. The Certification will be valid through September 30th, 2020 (regardless of when it is issued), and must be prominently displayed on the entrance.


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