Medicare Considerations as to Graduate Medical Education CEMAR-SO

On Saturday, Aug 26, 2023, our own Julio Galíndez, Managing Partner, presented an insightful seminar at the Symposium on the Educational Journey of CMAR-SO: Working for the Medical Education of the Future (Simposio Sobre Jornada Educativa del CMAR-SO Trabajando para la Educación Médica del Futuro), hosted by Centro Médico Académico Regional del Su-Oeste at the Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort.

The topics included: 

  • Medicare IME/GME reimbursement concepts
  • FTE Cap and Medicare Modernization Act Section 422 Adjustments
  • IME/GME data in graphics as it comes from the Medicare Cost Reports filed by the 12 Puerto Rico Teaching Hospitals 2021-2017


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