Puerto Rico Accounting Week Celebrates Diversity

May is full of activity after the busy tax season. Among the highlights is the annual Puerto Rico Accounting Week, during which we celebrate and acknowledge the tiresome efforts of our financial industry and its indispensable professionals. 

Kenneth Rivera, CPA and Tax Partner at Galíndez LLC, was invited as a panel speaker by the Puerto Rico Society of CPAs (CCPA) to participate in a special program hosted as part of the festivities of Accounting Week. Titled “Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: Enriching our Accounting Profession through Cultural Diversity,” the goal of the forum was to provide a space for dialogue and reflection where CPAs,  Human Resources specialists, and others were able to share their experiences and best practices related to promoting cultural diversity and building inclusive societies.

For the CCPA and the Galíndez LLC team, cultural diversity is not just a value but a fundamental pillar of our society. It enriches our lives with various perspectives, traditions, and forms of expression. Recognizing and celebrating this cultural wealth is crucial in an increasingly interconnected world as we strive to overcome possible barriers. Engaging in such discussions fosters an inviting environment that should permeate our workspace and extend to our everyday lives. 

Galíndez LLC helms a group of outstanding and diverse individuals we value and cherish. Our commitment to providing a foundation of professional growth and success is guided by principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Learn more about our unique team culture here