Galíndez Insights: Staff Training School

Our team never stops learning, in an effort to provide the best possible service, increase productivity for all our clients and partners, and create the best possible professional experience. Galíndez team members are invited to join us for the Staff Training School seminar series, an informative collection of virtual presentations where members of the Galindez LLC Audit team share key insights. To access each seminar, please request your access code, as each recording is password-protected.


Talks include:

  1. CCH – How it Works (1/31/22)
  2. Introduction to the Audit Process (2/1/22)
  3. Test of Controls – Disbursements (2/2/22)
  4. Test of Controls – Payroll (2/3/22)
  5. Cash (2/4/22)
  6. Inventory (2/7/22)
  7. Accounts Payable, Accrued Expenses and Salaries, Long-term Debt (2/8/22)
  8. Property, Plant & Equipment (2/9/22)
  9. Prepaids (2/10/22)
  10. Net Assets and Expenses (2/11/22)
  11. Law 163 (2/14/22)