Business Transformation: Is Your Organization Ready for 2021?

Through our international partnership, Galíndez, LLC, Together Business Consulting, and other Nexia International firms around the globe work hard to close this unusual year on a note of positive growth and above all, resilience and transformation. Our partnering firms are laser-focused on increasing our joint positioning on relevant issues of business transformation and highlighting the added value of our joint services – mainly in a context of changes of unprecedented magnitude and speed. These recent changes have challenged the leadership of our clients, who must encourage their entire organization to accelerate the crucial transformations required to navigate the current context while preparing for the future that is already around the corner.

As part of our diverse partnership, all Galíndez, LLC clients and colleagues are invited to join us for the upcoming webinar Business Transformation: El Presente del Futuro. In this insightful seminar, experts in the fields of business transformation, information technology, Human Resources, and other key organizational areas will share their expertise in an in-depth case study discussion and provide actionable data that can help transform your organization.    





Business Transformation: El Presente del Futuro
Thursday, December 3rd | 11 am


The FPV & Galíndez Audit / IT Consulting team is proud to invite you to a one-of-a-kind International Virtual Seminar with our colleagues from Together Business Consulting in Argentina. In this insightful seminar, keynote speaker Marcelo Melamed, HR VP LATAM & Asia Pacific Regions at Lumens Technologies will offer key insights regarding the deep transformation achieved through strategic planning and careful execution, as well as the multidimensional approach your organization can apply today to completely transform your business in 2021. Technology, human resource management, and organizational optimization collide in this comprehensive presentation. Not to be missed.