Changes in the Withholding Tax at Source for Services Rendered

The PRTD issued Internal Revenue Informative Bulletin Number 18-24 to clarify certain tax amendments incorporated to the PR Code by Act No. 257-2018.  As a general rule, every person, natural or juridical, that in the conduct of a trade or business or for the production of income in Puerto Rico, makes a payment to another person for services rendered, shall deduct and withhold income tax on such payments. The amendment by Act No. 257-2018 introduced the following tax changes for 2019:


  • Increase in the withholding tax rate from 7% to 10%;
  • Increase in partial waiver withholding rate from 3% to 6%;
  • A decrease in withholding exemption from the first $1,500 paid during the year to the first $500 paid.


Therefore, for the tax year 2019, withholding agents must withhold the amount of 6%, regardless of whether the Waiver Certificate provides a withholding tax rate of 3%, and the withholding exemption will only apply to the first $500 paid during the year.


Moreover, it was informed the PRTD will be issuing new waiver certificates to conform them with the amendments above.  



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