FPVG Pulse Presentation: Hospitals Financial Outlook in the Pandemic

The experts at FPV & Galindez present the Puerto Rico College of Healthcare Administrators “Hospitals’ Financial Outlook in the Pandemic”. This comprehensive study that collected data from 2015-2019 from an average of 37 institutions, includes a compilation of financial ratios and utilization and cost data prepared for our firm’s array of hospital clientele so these could have information that could assist them in evaluating their operations from a financial and operational viewpoint.

We invite you to review this interesting collection of material that also includes two studies that provide an outlook of the financial condition of hospitals during the initial lockdown on the island from March 16th to May 3rd, 2020 and the pandemic restrictions that affected the period leading up to June 30th, 2020.

FPV & Galindez is committed to being actively involved in providing their client’s ongoing financial needs through these challenging times. These types of reports allow our firm to provide them with the analytical data that will prove beneficial for these to continue to manage operations and deliver their crucial service to the local community.



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