Galíndez Cares: Racing for a Great Cause

Galíndez LLC sprinted to the finish line at the 2024 Colegio de Contadores Públicos Asociados de Puerto Rico “Uniendo Generaciones” 5K, where over 450 runners laced up to support Adopt Now and the Brownie Blondie Foundation. While waiting for the race to begin, participants and their companions enjoyed health clinics provided by Betances, Ikon Group, and First Medical, along with entertainment from the band El Golpe and the charismatic CPA Gauvaín Negrón. Before the starting gun, runners loosened up with a fun warm-up session.

Our entire team, comprising our dedicated runners and enthusiastic cheerleaders, proudly represented Galíndez LLC at the event. Our brave runners were Glenisha Brignoni, Iris Otero, Carlos Zayas, Sara Cortes, Cristian Ojeda, Wilmarie Pabon, Paola Maldonado, Derick Gonzalez, Jose Reyes, and Edalis Rivera. Notably, Carlos Zayas secured a spot in the top 25 of the men’s division, while Glenisha Brignoni ranked among the top 50 in the women’s division. Overall, it was an exhilarating experience that brought us closer to our colleagues while supporting two vital foundations.



The Brownie Blondie Foundation is dedicated to rescuing and defending the rights of abandoned and abused animals. Their mission extends beyond rescue efforts, as they actively work to reduce overpopulation and mistreatment of animals through education and advocacy. By promoting spaying/neutering and raising awareness about animal welfare, they aim to create a more compassionate society.

The Adopt Now Foundation promotes the adoption of children between the ages of 6-17, ensuring they grow up in nurturing environments. Their initiative is centered on providing these children with the opportunity to thrive in loving and stable homes. With hundreds of boys and girls in foster care in Puerto Rico, their mission is to educate the community about the importance and viability of adoption, guiding and supporting families through the process.

These noble causes fuel our Galíndez LLC team to do more than support events like these but to strive to give our best professionally and personally in our daily lives. We understand that by strengthening our inner core, we can better support our island’s financial and community needs. Thank you to all our Galíndez LLC participants for your active support with these initiatives, we appreciate you! Here’s to more events like these in the future!